Angelica was stunningly beautiful when I met her. She was just as I hoped and we clicked really quickly. I took her to dine and her company was great. We laughed loads and I can still remember the fun we had that night. After dinner we went back to mine and wow she blew my mind. What a sexy girl she is. She likes to be treated nicely but she’s also not shy. I cant wait to go back to Barcelona to meet her again.   

For me I would say that Angelica is one of the most wonderful lovers I have ever experienced. We met twice and she ‘showed me a good time’ indeed. She took me shopping and showed me a perfecto place for lunch. I have a picture in my mind of us in my room getting hot and I can definitely recommend that you would like a similar picture.

Tony, New York, USA

I like girls from different countries and I was lucky when I worked in Barcelona because I dated Angelica a couple of amazing times. We went out and she was super good to be with. She also looked super cute and wore gorgeous outfits – including underneath. Be aware she will attract attention when she is with you ;) but she handles admirers well and I wish I could tell you more about what else she handles well – I’ll leave it to your imaginations – I can’t tell you the truth because she says she will come to Madrid to punish me if I do ;)

Juan, Madrid, Spain

Gérard, Nice, France

Angelica’s slim sexy little body made my blood pump and I was even nervous when I first met her but she relaxed me so well with her smile and easy-going manner. We talked and talked and she’s a very interesting lady. Someone I’d like to get to know more. The end of my evening date made me very very happy if you know what I mean and I’m really pleased that I met Angelica. I don’t normally write reviews but …. she’s a gem.

Frank, Geneva, Switzerland

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